Research and Innovation


Over the past few years research within the NHS has changed significantly. Changes have been made to the funding processes, and there is an increased drive to focus on national priorities. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has provided both structure and funding for NHS portfolio research activities. Here at SSSFT the research and innovation team has grown substantially in the past few years from just 2 people to a team of 17, all striving to increase awareness and productivity of research within the Trust.

Our aim for the future is to develop and nurture home grown research.

The research department is also dedicated to collecting information which will assess current treatments and practices in healthcare. The ultimate aim of collecting this information is to be able to develop better practices and new treatments for patient conditions in the future.

Research & Innovation at SSSFT are taking part in more studies and recruiting more participants than ever before. In 2010/2011 the department recruited 345 participants and in 2011/2012 645 participants were recruited. In 2012/2013 we had a record 1301 participants. This year we have been developing our skills to work on more complex, interventional studies and hope to continue to develop and grow.